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The Ultimate Marathon Survival Pack

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Starting your marathon training? Do it the right way with The Ultimate Runners Pack. Designed to enhance your recovery and excel your speed, power and stamina, the carefully selected pack will help you smash your running PB's and stay injury-free. 

The perfect gift for someone who has been accepted into any marathon or is just starting their running journey. 

You will get: 

  • Orange Foam Roller
  • 5 Adjustable Hurdles with Portable Bag
  • 3 Pack of Resistance Loop Bands (Light, Medium & Heavy)
  • Blue 0.6cm Yoga Mat
  • Blue Yoga Block
  • TPE Light Stretching Band
  • Balance Board 

Why we choose these products for you:

Blue Yoga Mat

Because stretching is one of the most important things pre and post running. In order to keep your knees safe and padded, we have included our best selling 0.6cm non-slip your mat so you can stretch comfortably and safely. 

Orange Foam Roller

The Foam Roller is perhaps ones of the most useful tools for runners (especially marathon runners). Introducing the foam roller into your daily routine can help relieve knots, tension and pressure. As well as strengthen the quads which is essential for reducing injury and improving form. 

Pack of Three Resistance Loop Bands

The perfect little warm-up and cool down tools, great for stretching or activating areas of the body. These can be stored in your pocket for quick and easy usage on the go. With three different resistance levels included, you'll be able to apply different levels of pressure depending on the muscle group requirements. Introducing these bands into your running routine can also reduce your risk of developing runner's knee, check out more here.  

5 Quick Hurdles 

The fabulous click in hurdles are easily stored in a handy drawstring bag. Not only will they get your heart rate up, improving your anaerobic system, they will also help your stride, increasing your speed. An essential product for any runner. 

Blue Yoga Block

The Yoga Block has been included predominantly for stretching. The block will act as a stabiliser, allowing you to hold stretches for longer.

TPE Stretch Band Light 

Included for its ability to stretch out the calves, one of the most important muscle groups to keep loose. Simply sit with your legs stretched out together, place the band around the bottom of your feet and pull into the band with your hands. 

Balance Board 

Essential for reducing the risk of injury and increasing form. By increasing balance, you will reduce pressure on knees, ankles and feet. Improving balance will also help you become a more fluid and stronger runner.