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Steel Power Tower Pull-up & Dip Station


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One tower with a huge array of exercises. Equipped with a dip station, pull up bar and an ab leg lifting point, the 3-in-1 station has everything you need to build upper body power. Unlike most power towers, the Liveup Sports Tower is two-sided providing extra stability as well as the possibility for dual usage. The double stability design brings a gym-quality workout into your home. With a pull up station on one side and a dip/ab station on the other, the power tower can be used by two people at one time.

The multi-grip pull up bar allows you to do your pull ups, chin ups, leg raises and muscle ups within an ultra-secure unit. Equipped with foam padded handles for maximum comfort when using.
The dipping handles provide a secure and easy way to execute your dips, an essential exercise for building stronger arms, chest and shoulder muscles. Whilst the ab station comes fully equipped with padded back and foam handles, meaning you can perform leg or knee raises in comfort.

Product Features:
  • Dual stability steel frame
  • 3-in-1 power tower
  • Two-sided for multi-person use
  • Foam padded for extra comfort
  • Multi-use pull up bar

Product Benefits:

  • Gym quality workout from the comfort of your own home

  • Extra stable for added safety and security

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Strong and sturdy and does what it's supposed to do no problem.

Good for Calisthenics

Bit tricky to put together - would recommenced a second pair of hands to help and a good spanner! But overall impressed with the tower and I can practice and work on my Calisthenics from home.

Easy to build n use

Easy to build n use