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Pro 4' Olympic C EZ-Curl Bar

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Raise your arm workout game with the Liveup Pro EZ curl bar. Designed to improve your form whilst protecting your wrists, the EZ bar the ultimate bicep and tricep muscle-building tool. With a 28mm diameter, the barbell holds Olympic sized weight plates.

The bar has been engineered to provide optimal performance. The shape helps perfect form when conducting exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions and presses. 


Product Features:

  • 100k Tensile PSI strength
  • 120cm length
  • 17cm loadable sleeve length 
  • 28mm Olympic size shaft 
  • 10kg barbell weight 
  • Successfully tested up to 500lb
  • No centre knurl


Product Benefits:

  • Strong and sturdy for maximum performance
  • Tried and tested to ensure optimal use and performance 
  • Protects wrists and improves form

Please note: Bumper plates are not included.