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Fitness Balance Ball


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The fitness balance ball is an all-in-one trainer, designed to improve your strength, balance and flexibility. It is extremely adaptable and can be used for many different exercises from strength and cardio to yoga and Pilates.

With the ball side up, you can practice bicep curls stand, squats, sit-ups and so many more exercises.


Key Benefits:

  • Places your body off balance therefore your body will need to continually move and contract to remain adjusted. Resulting in improved balance.
  • Turn it over and you can use it for push-ups or planks.
  • The Balance Ball focuses on the centre muscles of your body – those muscles around your stomach and back zone helping you to quickly trim and tone.


Product Features:

  • Includes a half-domed exercise ball, two resistance bands with soft foam handles and one pump
  • Size: 28cm (H) 58cm (W)
  • Made from durable and tough PVC with a maximum load of 150kg.