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3-in-1 Roller Set


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The Liveup Sports 3-in-1 roller is the ultimate tool to help you reach your full potential. The three rollers condense into one, creating a lightweight and portable tool, perfect for gym bags and transportation.

Each roller offers unique benefits, helping target different areas of your body. Trigger point release helps athletes recover, warm-up and strengthen vital muscles in the body.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps strengthen quads, ideal for runners suffering from ITBS or runners knee. ⁠
  • Helps warm muscles up, perfect for pre-squat session prep.
  • Can help relieve muscle inflammation, tightness and soreness.⁠
  • Helps break down knots relieving tension.⁠
  • Helps lengthen muscles and increase range of motion.⁠


    Product Feautures:

    • 1 x large roller with a smooth surface, 
    • 1 x smaller ribbed roller
    • 1 x massage roller stick