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Swivel Push Up Pro


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The Liveup swivel press up bars are the ideal tool to increase your strength and muscle tone. The swivel function allows you to add an extra level of difficulty to your workout. Whilst they are designed to protect your wrists from press up related injuries.

Portable, lightweight and easy to carry it works on any type of flooring and can be used by all levels of users.


Product Features:

  • Made of hard-wearing plastic and has a non-slip base
  • 20cm in diameter
  • Holds up to 120kg
  • Non-slip backing works on most types of flooring 
  • The swivel feature allows you to target different areas of the chest



  • Strengthen and tone your chest, arms, back, shoulders and abs. It provides intense muscular work in the pectoral region, lower back and, abdominal
  • Revolving handles allow the arms and shoulders to move more naturally