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⚙️ Four Yoga Wheel Exercises ⚙️

⚙️ Four Yoga Wheel Exercises ⚙️

Four ways to use your yoga ring with Elspeth



"The yoga ring is something I’ve wanted to try for a while and the adaptability this provides with backbends as well as being a new toy to motivate you to get to the mat is definitely what I needed to kickstart my year! "

Written By @Elspethfit

Open Chest & Shoulders

A great way to open the shoulders and chest, whilst giving the neck a good stretch as well. 

Helps build upper body strength, improve posture and is a great warm-up for your yoga sessions.  

Open Shoulders

The ultimate stretch to open up the back and shoulders as well as engaging the core muscles. This pose will help strengthen the shoulder and back muscles. 

Perfect for those who have rounded shoulders as a consequence of being stuck at the desk all day.

Assisted Head Stand

It's not quite as easy as Elspeth makes it look. But if headstands are your goal this year, the yoga wheel can assist you on that journey. 

Open Chest & Shoulders To Bridge

Use the open chest and shoulders movement to assist you into the bridge position. This can help you build the confidence, technique and strength to perform a full bridge. 


✅ Helps you nail those difficult stretches safely 

✅ Helps prevent injury 

✅ Increases functional strength

✅ Helps to improve flexibility 

✅ Increases mobility and flexibility

✅ Helps relieve aches and pains 

✅ Assists you into bridges and headstands

So... blue or pink?

Blue - £13.95

Pink - £13.95

Yoga Starter Set Including Blue Yoga Wheel Now Only £34.99

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