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🏃‍♂️Band Warm Up for Runners 🏃‍♂️

🏃‍♂️Band Warm Up for Runners 🏃‍♂️

5 simple band exercises for avoiding runner's knee 

Runner's Knee - The bane of every runner

One of the unfortunate truths runners have to face at one point through their running life is the dreaded term 'runner's knee'. Runner's knee is used to define one of many conditions such as Patellofemoral Malalignment, Chondromalacia Patella, and Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS). Runner's knee can occur due to many reasons however most commonly due to overuse, bad form and weak glutes, thighs and hip abductors.   

 Introducing this quick and simple band workout to your running routine can help strengthen your glutes and hips abductors helping avoid injury through bad form and weak muscles.   

Runners often neglect their hip abductor and glute exercises, however they are crucial for form and working against injury. If hip abductors are weak, runners often compensate with their back and knees which can lead to injuries and fatigue. Try the bellow to strengthen yours.

Whether you're running a marathon, your first 5K or simply enjoy an easy walk, these five exercises are ideal for improving your form and lowering your risk of an injury.

"I suffered from ITBS on and off for a year, impatience made the injury worst, yet the route of the issue stemmed to my weak hip abductors and quads. I added these 5 exercises into my daily routine either first thing in the morning or before each run. Since introducing these exercises into my routine I have avoided costly time off and even noticed my power and speed increase"  

by Ricky White


Suggested reps (4-6 on each side)  

Slip both feet through the loop band and pull the band up to around 1-3 inches above knee cap. Stand in a quarter squat position with your feet pointed forward and hip width apart. Step the right foot out laterally around 10-14 inches in a controlled manner, then bring the left foot back so your feet are hip width apart again. Ensure you keep a strong stance throughout. 

What does this work? Strengthens and warms up the hip-abductor muscles which help maintain a strong running posture, and reduce risk of back and knee injuries.  

Too easy? - Try and slip the band just above the ankles.  

Too hard? - Try and reduce the resistance of the band you are using.


Suggested reps (8-12) 

Slip the band a few inches above knee caps, stand with feet pointed forward hip width apart. Tense the core and slowly bend knees with a straight back, keep your heels glued to the floor. Carefully lower yourself into the squat keeping the tension on the band, hold and then return to beginning position. 

What does this work? - The squat is an extremely effective compound movement and works many muscle groups including the core, squads, hamstrings and glutes, perfect to activate those legs before a run.

Too Easy? - Add some weight. Hold a dumbbell with both bands or a medicine ball above the head 

Too Hard? - Use a chair, lower yourself slowly into a squat until you reach sitting point on the chair, then stand up from the chair


Suggested reps (4-6 on each side)    

Slip the band two or three inches above ankles. Stand with your feet pointing forward hip width apart. In a controlled explosive manor raise one leg out, pause and then return back to standing position. Repeat until desired reps are achieved.     

What does this work? - Also strengthens and warms up the hip-abductor muscles however also engages the core.     

Too Hard? - If you are struggling to keep your balance, hold on to the back of a chair to maintain balance.    

Too easy? - Increase the resistance of the band you are using


Suggested reps (8-12)   

Slip the band a few inches above knee caps, lay flat on your back with your knees bent. In a controlled manor push through the soles of your feet to form a bridge (you should feel this through your glutes and hips). Hold for 5 seconds and then slowly release and return your back to the floor. The band will help keep your legs in place. Repeat until desired reps are achieved.    

What does this work? - The name gives this one away, it does indeed work your glutes, however it will also work your hips as well.    

Too Easy? - Try raising one leg in the air, or elevate feet on a flat object    

Too Hard? - Reduce the reps


Suggested Reps (4-6 on each legs) 

Make sure your bands clean, you don't want to get those fresh runners muddy!  Place the band around your shoes. Stand tall with feet facing forward and hip width apart. In a controlled but explosive manor drive your knee up and then slowly return it to beginning stance. Repeat 4-6 times on each leg. 

What does this work? - This one will really help your strides.   

Too Easy? - Try a higher resistance bands and/or increase the reps    

Too Hard? - Try a lower resistance band


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